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       Posted by FILTH Posted July 28, 2011 View Comments 2      
hummm... joke?
We don't really have a swingers joke, just had to get rid of super-roid-rage's picture shinging up at us like a discarded cover of Attitdue magazine.. so here's an ordinary sex joke or 3...

Dear Deidre I was watching my next door neighbour's daughter sunbathing topless from my bedroom window. As I was knocking one out I turned to notice my wife just stood there, arms folded...watching me. Is she a pervert?...

My next door neighbor just informed me that some clothes had gone missing off her washing line. I nearly shit her pants.

At school my favorite lesson used to be PE due to the fact I was the hardest and had the biggest cock. I used to love strolling around the changing rooms stark naked, flicking the weaker kids with the tip of my towel while pointing and laughing at the ones with little peckers.

That is, until they sacked me.

I found a hole in my trainer that's big enough to put my finger in.
Now she's made a formal complaint, and I'm banned from the gym.

by HORNICUPLE on August 7, 2011
lol made us laugh anyway guys, thanks!!..

by FILTH on July 28, 2011
dont all laugh at once now.

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