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       Posted by MICMICHAEL Posted April 30, 2010 View Comments 1      
The pearly Gates
Bob & Judy were Married for 30 years. Suddenly Judy becomes ill and is admitted to the Hospital.  She expires after a week and ends up at the pearly gates where Peter, states that she will need to pass a test to enter heaven.  All the while, the family that have gone before are behind the heavenly fence encouraging her.  Saint Peter asks her to spell love. Judy says L...O..V......E, and peter is happy as he admits her to her family.  Ten years pass, while partying all the while. Then Peter asks Judy to "man" the gates for awhile as he has a meeting "with the Lord". Judy asks "do I need to spell the word love?" And Peter "he is sure she will do fine".  Judy "mans" the gate and has seven newcomers spell and then enter. Just then she notices her husband of ten years previous, next in line. Bob says "honey", Judy greets him with "baby". Judy goes on about the ten years she has spent in heaven and then asks Bob what he has been doing the last ten years?. Bob says well honey " remember when you got sick in the hospital and that nurse came in while in the hospital? And judy interjects "oh, the Blond pretty one"? Bob says "yah, well she was so touched by your death, she came to the funeral, we talked a little, we went out for coffee and one thing led to another and we got Married. Then the next week, I won the state lottery of 25 million bucks. Judy interjects, "geez, when we were Married, we were alway dirt poor".  Bob goes on about the mansion bought, the trips around the world and the fun he has had. Bob then stops and asks "what he has to do to enter?".  Judy thinks awhile and tells him he has to spell a word.  Bob excitedly asks "what he has to spell?" and Judy blithely says "Czechoslovakia"! 

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