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Michael Jackson
After Michael Jacksons death Gary Glitter has offered to cover some of his dates . Henry aged 10, William aged 12 and Peter aged 13 !
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The Jackson blog
Its been reported that when authorities looked round Jacksons Neverland ranch, they found Class A drugs in the toilet, Class B drugs in the living room and most of Class 4C in the bedroom

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Kid in the Closet
On One Afternoon a wife decides to have her lover over for "fun in the afternoon".  Just as they engage, the husband comes up the driveway and the lover grabs his clothes to dress in the closet and escape later.  As the lover is dressing he hears a small voice in the end of the closet..."it's dark in here".  The lover asks "who are you" and the cpls 8 year old says "I skipped school & hid all day in the closet". The boy says "I have a baseball" and the lover says "oh that's nice".  The kid says "want to buy it or I could tell my father", the lover asks how much and the kid says "$250 bucks".  The lover states "that's robbery" but pays the kid and escapes the premisis. The next week comes and the same scenario ensues.  The kids starts "it's dark in here", the lover says " what's do you have to sell this week".  the kid says "he has a baseball mitt". The lover asks "how much" and the kid says"$750 dollars". At which the lover almost blows everything but gives in and pays the kid.  The next weekend the kid's Dad says "hey son, let's throw the ball around" and the kid says he can't because he sold his ball & mitt.  The dad asks what he got for them and the kid says $1000 dollars. The father says that's great but way to much for those things. He continues and tells his son that he thinks it a sin because he cheated the buyer and he should go to confession.  The kid goes to church and waits in the confessional. As the priest enters his side and sits, he opens the small confessional shelf door and says "what are your sin's to confess". the kid say
s "It's really dark in here" and the priest says "don't start that shit again"! 
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Baseball with Bob & Bill
Bill & Bob are Life long Baseball fanatics.  Little league, Pony League,etc growing up and of course then coaching, softball as adults.  Watching the Dodgers (Los Angeles) all their life just filled their life.  On one day, as they reached the ripe age of 85, Bill dies suddenly and Bob is besides himself with grief. Weeks go by and Bob just can't function. However he marshalls enough strength to attend a Dodger game to remember his friend.  The game is fine but no one can relate to his grief or history of baseball knowledge.  As Bob is walking, after the game, to his car, he hears...psst, psst..Bob and shocked asks who it is?  The voice says Bill and Bob says "bullshit" he's dead. Bill insists it's him and says that "God was tired of him moping around and ordered him to come and cheer Bob up".  Bob says, well what did Bill and I love all all our lives?  Of course Bill says "that's easy-Baseball", so now Bob is convinced. He tell's Bill that he should know that the only thing that would cheer him up is if there is baseball in Heaven!  Bill says; "Well buddy I have good news and bad news".  Bill says yes there is baseball in Heaven.  Bob says, "well what could possibly be the bad news then?  Bill says "well buddy, your pitching friday"!