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       Posted by HOTTEXANS Posted May 10, 2007 View Comments 8      
France & Conservatives in the USA

Conservatives have to stop rolling their eyes every time they hear the word, "France." Like just calling something "French" is the ultimate argument winner. As if to say, "What can you say about a country that was too stupid to get on board with our wonderfully-conceived and brilliantly-executed war in Iraq?" - Bill Maher

by SUZY1 on August 4, 2007

All the streets leading into Paris have great landscaping, large trees planned on both sides--it was planned that way so the Germans didn't have to march in the hot sun!

by SUZY1 on August 4, 2007
 I have a used French army rifle for sale, NEVER fired, only dropped once.

by GUMDROP on May 17, 2007
I, too, find Bill Maher to be agonizing to listen to.

I mean AGONIZING. His tone, his facial gestures, the tenor of his rhetoric. He is so full of himself that he must get lonely.

Although, the quote above is one of his sanest.

Maher's show is too much like a liberal version of a Fox opinion show, and I would have to suspect that whoever hired him chose to staff a message show that selects for a particular audience with someone who is not a particularly good spokesman for his message.

I do not suggest an anti-liberal conspiracy. I suspect that media execs seek to copy Fox's success, but fail to notice that the particular brand of rhetoric Maher often uses is loathesome in Liberalese. Without the imperialist, scare-based, simple-world power-message appeal of the conservative agenda, such heavy-handed tactics are like wearing canvas underwear.

But by and large his lies are smaller than the other side's.

by 14U on May 11, 2007
Bill Maher is one of those smug little bratty kids(Mr. Know It ALL ,Who Know Nothing about Anything) you would smack in grade school and then get in trouble for it as he whined and cryed to the teacher, all the time telling his twisted version of what happened. Saw him on his show a couple years ago and could not on 3 occassions view him for more then 10 minutes w/o wanting to smack the smug little jerk.

by HOTTEXANS on May 11, 2007

For our European friends:

We (the USA) have these blowhard broadcasters that are on the television and the radio who expound the Republican/Bush party and agenda. They do copy each other because what works with one will work with another.

These "broadcasters" have all adopted the idiosyncrasy of whenever the word "France" is mentioned, they roll their eyes to say "oh my god, this person support the enemy and we know France supports the enemy!"

By the way, it does turn out that the French people and Government were right about the Bush Administration lies used to launch the current war in Iraq. We were in Paris the day the war started and EVERYONE was so nice to us..


by RANDY2SOME on May 11, 2007

Sorry but i missed the joke, is this just an American thing??????

If so can you please explain. 

by GOONIES on May 10, 2007
The US would never had won the revolution withouth the French Navy. Before the French got seriously involved, the Americans were gong down the tubes. Washington had lost every battle he was engaged in. So when we get all sanctimonious about how we liberated the French from the Nazi's, let's not forget that the French liberted us from the British. They also gave us the Statue of Liberty. France is a great country.

by GUMDROP on May 10, 2007

I never really saw a problem with France.

After all, they no-strings handed us the deed to Vietnam, and God knows they had quite an investment there before they turned it over. They were there first, and fought for a long time without us. We didn't help until we thought there was a chance the commies would win. People forget that.

They sold us the ground I was born on for a pittance. Just the mineral rights were worth thousands of times the cost.

It's not their fault that Vietnam turned out to bite us in the backside. And I never hear them whine about selling Louisiana, they even come visit!

I think that PR flap about how they owe us to jump off into any project we might hatch was just an example of how easily people can be led into pettyness and hatred.

Freedom fries, indeed! Some prick at the GOP probably just figured a way he could profit on California wine futures and led the whole congregation in a chorus of "Oh How Dumb R Us, O Lord". He probably even got paid by the White House with public money to do it!

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