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Cyber sex
Wellhung: Hello, Sweetheart. What do you look like?
Sweetheart: I am wearing an expensive red silk blouse, a black leather mini skirt and high heeled boots. I am tanned and very buffed. I workout everyday. My measurements are 36-24-36.What do you look like?
Wellhung: I`m 6`3 and about 250 lb. I wear glasses and have on a pair of blue sweatpants I just bought at Walmart. I`m also wearing an old T-shirt, it`s got some barbecue sauce stains on it and it smells kind of funny.
Sweetheart: I want you. Would you like to screw me?
Wellhung: OK
Sweetheart: We`re in my bedroom. There`s soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my nightstand. I look up into your eyes and I`m smiling. My hand works its way down to your crotch and I begin to feel your huge swelling bulge.
Wellhung: I`m gulping. I`m beginning to sweat.
Sweetheart: I`m pulling up your shirt and kissing your chest.
Wellhung: Now, I`m unbuttoning your blouse. My hands are trembling.
Sweetheart: I`m moaning softly.
Wellhung: I`m taking hold of your blouse and I`m sliding it softly off.
Sweetheart: I`m throwing my head back in pleasure. The cool silk slides off of my warm body. I`m rubbing your bulge faster now, rubbing and pulling.
Wellhung: My hand suddenly jerks spastically and tears a hole in your blouse. I`m sorry.
Sweetheart: That`s, OK. It wasn`t really too expensive.
Wellhung: I`ll pay for it.
Sweetheart: Don`t worry about it! I`m wearing a lacy black bra, my soft breasts are rising and falling as I breathe harder and harder.
Wellhung: I`m fumbling with the clasp of your bra, I think it`s stuck. Do you have scissors?
Sweetheart: I take your hand and kiss it softly, I reach behind my back and undo the clasp. My bra slides off. The cool air caresses my breasts, my nipples are erect for you.
Wellhung: How did you do that? I`m picking up the bra and inspecting the clasp.
Sweetheart: I`m arching my back. Oh baby, I just want to feel your tongue all over me.
Wellhung: I`m dropping the bra. Now I`m licking your, you know, breasts They`re neat!
Sweetheart: I`m running my fingers through your hair. Now I`m nibbling your ear.
Wellhung: I suddenly sneeze. Your breasts are covered with spit and phlegm.
Sweetheart: WHAT?!?
Wellhung: I`m so sorry. Really.
Sweetheart: I`m wiping your phlegm off of my breasts with the remains of my blouse.
Wellhung: I`m taking your sopping wet blouse from you and throwing it in the corner of the room.
Sweetheart: OK. I`m pulling your sweatpants down and rubbing your hard tool.
Wellhung: I`m screaming like a woman! Your hands are cold! Yeee!
Sweetheart: I`m pulling up my miniskirt. Take off my panties.
Wellhung: I`m pulling off your panties. My tongue is going all over, in and out and nibbling on you-- ummm, wait a second...
Sweetheart: What`s the matter?
Wellhung: I`ve got a pubic hair caught in my throat. I`m choking.
Sweetheart: Are you OK?
Wellhung: I`m having a coughing fit. I`m turning all red.
Sweetheart: Is there anything I can do to help?
Wellhung: I`m running to the kitchen. Choking wildly. Looking for a cup. Where do you keep your cups??
Sweetheart: In the cabinet to the right of the sink!
Wellhung: I`m drinking a cup of water. There, that`s better.
Sweetheart: Come back to me, lover.
Wellhung: I`m washing the cup now.
Sweetheart: I`m aching for you lover.
Wellhung: Now I`m drying the cup. I`m putting it back in the cabinet...and now I`m walking back to the bedroom. Wait - it`s dark, I`m lost. Where is the bedroom?
Sweetheart: Last door on the left - at the end of the hall.
Wellhung: I found it.
Sweetheart: I`m tugging off your pants. I want you so badly.
Wellhung: Me too.
Sweetheart: I kiss you passionately. Our naked bodies pressed against each other.
Wellhung: Your face is pushing my glasses into my face. It hurts.
Sweetheart: Why don`t you take your glasses off?
Wellhung: OK. But I can`t see very well. I`m placing my glasses on the nightstand.
Sweetheart: I`m bending over the bed. Give it to me baby!
Wellhung: I have to pee. I`m fumbling my way blindly to the bathroom...
Sweetheart: Hurry back lover!
Wellhung: I find the bathroom and it`s dark. I`m feeling around for the toilet and lift the lid.
Sweetheart: I`m waiting eagerly for your return.
Wellhung: I`m done going. I`m feeling around for the flush handle. Uh-oh!
Sweetheart: What`s the matter now?
Wellhung: I just realized I peed in your hamper. Sorry again. I`m walking back to the bed now. Blindly, feeling my way.
Sweetheart: Mmmm, yes. Come on.
Wellhung: Now I`m going to put my, you know, thing in your umm, woman`s thing.
Sweetheart: Yes! Do it, Baby! Do it!
Wellhung: I`m touching your smooth butt. It feels so nice. Ma`am, I`m having a little problem here.
Sweetheart: I`m moving my ass back and forth. I can`t wait another second. Slide it in! Screw me!
Wellhung: I`m flaccid.
Sweetheart: WHAT?!?
Wellhung: I`m limp. I can`t sustain an erection.
Sweetheart: I`m standing up and turning around; an incredulous look on my face.
Wellhung: I`m shrugging with a sad look on my face, my wiener all floppy. I`m looking for my glasses to see what the problem is.
Sweetheart: NO! Never mind. I`m getting dressed, I`m putting on my underwear and my wet nasty blouse.
Wellhung: No wait. I can`t find the night table. I`m reaching across the dresser, knocking off cans of hairspray, your picture frames and your candles.
Sweetheart: I`m buttoning my blouse. I`m putting on my shoes.
Wellhung: Now I`ve found my glasses. My God! One of your candles fell on the curtain! The curtain is on fire! I`m pointing at it with a shocked look on my face!
Sweetheart: Go to hell! I`m logging off, LOSER!
Wellhung: Now the carpet is on fire! Nooooooo!

by GRNIILADY on July 9, 2010
I was having a bad night ....  Really feeling low.... I am not sure why I started reading your blogs because I dont usually bother because most of the time they are boring.  I first read your pee or not to pee - voted that I liked it....  then for the heck of it I read this one....  Well my bad night got worse.... I started laughing so hard I fell off my chair and hit my head... I am on the way to the hospital now... I think I have a concussion... but I did want to leave a comment first.... Very Funny...

by SAILOR4 on January 17, 2010

I thought it was funny!Explicit image available, join sdc.com to view

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