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       Posted by AVENTURASWEETS Posted August 25, 2009 View Comments 0      
Alcohol and Sex

A desperate man walks into a bar, he tells the bartender that

he's had a terrible day and he just got fired.


Bartender: Hey you look down, want to have some fun?


Man: Sure, like what?


Bartender: I'm going to pour you out 10 shots of Vodka, and I

will give you 100 dollars to do a couple of things.


Man: OK, what do I have to do?


Bartender: You have to go outside and beat the hell out of that

Rottweiler, that's the meanest dog I've ever seen.


Man: OK, what else?


Bartender: And after that, if you are able, you gotta go

upstairs and have sex with that old woman.


Man: It's a deal


After the man had all 10 of his shots he stumbled away saying

he'd be right back after he completed his first task.


30 minutes later he came back, bloody, cut, scraped, and

scratched up like no other. The bartender's mouth dropped wide



Bartender: Wow! I can't believe you did it!


Man: Me neither, now where's that old woman I have to beat up?

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