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       Posted by TANGODIAMO Posted July 28, 2006 View Comments 1      
A catholic priest and a protestant priest

A catholic and a protestant priest were having their usual drink at a local bar.


The catholic priest says: “It would be nice to have a vacation sometime.”


The protestant priest replies: “Good idea, why don’t you go?”


The catholic priest complains: “No, I couldn’t leave, they need me here!”


The protestant priest insists: “Listen, you need a vacation. We are old colleagues, just tell me what to do!”


The catholic priest thinks for a while and agrees: “Maybe you are right, my old friend. Look here, take this little wise book. Whenever you have a question, you should find the answer in there!”


The protestant priest takes the book and wonders: “What about confessions? What do I do, what do I say?”


The catholic priest says calmly: “Don’t worry, that’s easy, whenever you have a question, just have a look in the little wise book!”


The catholic priest departs on vacation, and pretty soon the protestant priest finds himself alone with different kinds of confessions.


A woman comes in, sits down, and confesses that she has had sexual thoughts about her neighbour.


The protestant priest looks in the little wise book. Flipping the pages, yes, here we are: sexual thoughts about your neighbour! Hoping she hasn’t noticed the pause, he speaks: “My child, go and pray 30 Ave Maria, and everything will be forgotten!”


Next in to confess is a man who admits to often having sex with his secretary.


The protestant priest refers to his little wise book and calmly states: “My son, go and pray 100 Ave Maria and you shall be forgiven!”


Now, the next man enters, sits down and shamefully cries: “Forgive me father, for I have sinned!”


The protestant priest, starting to like his new job, inquires: “Bless you, my child, what is your sin?”


The man collects himself and whispers: “I have had anal sex!”


The protestant priest looks in his little wise book, but finds nothing under anal sex. Feeling the panic, he opens the rear door and sees a young choir-boy walking by. Quickly taking the chance he hoarsely whispers: “Son, what do you get for anal sex around here?!?”


The choir-boy says “Oh?!” and smiles, “Sometimes Snickers, sometimes a Mars…”

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